Meryl Streep Month #4: Postcards from the Edge, One True Thing

Postcards from the edge

Movie Review:

The plot: The movie is a mother-actress, daughter-actress story, where the daughter Suzanne (Meryl Streep), just recovered from an overdose of cocaine-acid drug and made her mind to barge again into acting career. However, she has to be accompanied by her self-imposing mother Doris Man (Shirley McLaine), a famous actress herself, was unacceptable for her. As she began with a new movie, her life was again into pieces, as she found that the new man in her life, Producer Jack Faulkner (Dennis Quaid) is already sleeping with someone and she confronts that to him. From there the movie takes another turn, where the mother-daughter gets into a verbal heated discussion over money and her paternalistic director Lowell Korshack makes an entry. The movie ends with things sorted between mother-daughter.

The movie was released in 1990 and was directed by Mike Nicholas. Meryl Streep, the lead actress was also nominated for Academy Award for the best actress. The movie was more of an American Comedy drama, though it started on a dim note, that gave audience a feeling that the movie is serious.

Meryl played her part well and you feel an instant connect with the character, however, the movie changes its shade and turns into comedy, and it deviates from the original plot of drugs in show-business and seems more of a domestic show-biz comedy.

Mike did a wonderful job and captured difficult reality through certain scenes in the movie. What was truly missing in the movie was it never touched upon how a falling actress can recover from drug addiction, which is a grim reality of many actors till date.

The movie is a pleasure to watch if you are not the one who goes into too much detail.

One true thing

Movie Review

The plot: Ellen Gulden (Renee Zellweger) left her high profile job as a writer with New-York Magazine, to take care of her dying mother, Kate Gulden (Meryl Streep) who was suffering from cancer. She left the job and her love-life for the sake of her parents, who did not have a great relationship with each other. While she was with her mother, she discovered about her father’s, George Gulden (William Hurt) habits and how her mother has managed with her father and that her mother knew that her father had an affair all along.

Her father on the other hand was disturbed from the fact that Kate, who was someone full-of-life, is now dying and also the fact that he is no more an acclaimed author now.

When Kate died, the doctor informed that it was not because of cancer, but was because of an overdose of Morphine and even Ellen and her father was the prime suspect. The movie ends with Ellen explaining her father how to plant daffodils.

Review: The movie was released in 1998 and was directed by Carl Franklin. The movie was crisp, well-narrated and touched upon so many points together, from a broken married life, to a young girl leaving her job and her boy friend to take care of her dying mother. The plot was sensitive, the movie was truly an emotional investment. The movie is all about how we think about our parents when we were kids and idolize them and how, when we grew up, we come to know their realities and our opinion changes.


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