Jack Lemmon Month #3: The Odd Couple, Fortune Cookie

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau movies are comedy movies that are thrilling to the readers in a great way. The episodes involve the star, jack Lemmon who features in most of them, exuding rib-cracking humor that’s undeniably interesting to the readers. In fact, humorous movies are not only exciting but therapeutic to the readers owing to the fact that they actually do a great deal in getting rid of the usual stress that emanates from the day to day strains of life. The collections have been rocking the media for quite a number of years from the 1970’s to date with a wide fan base.

Additionally, with technological upheaval, it’s even much easier for the readers to make a follow up on the movies if they didn’t tap into the opportunity earlier. All this is possible by just clicking a button to be able to access everything in red and color. Jack Lemmon has been one of the top global comedians of all time, with an outstanding gift of writing and acting the movies. In month 3, the movies include The Odd Couple and the Fortune Cookie. They were a force to be reckoned with, following their high quality.

==The Odd Couple==

The odd couple starts off when fastidious Felix gets thrown out of his home and marriage. After weighing the options, he makes the decision to move in with is best friend referred to as Oscar who happens to be living alone as well in the upper house. Hopefully, the two maintain a positive attitude that they can live together with minimal wrangles. Unfortunately, though, problems begin setting in when Oscar reveals his absurd personality of recklessness and uncleanliness. One of the disgusting things about him is that he does not dispose of sandwiches from the bed for a long time.

This is totally contrary to Felix, who is overly committed to cleaning every time. In fact, when he is free, all he gets engaged in is vacuuming, dusting and cleaning. The challenge therefore comes into the picture where there’s the conflict of interests that triggers tension. They therefore reel under humorous clashes and arguments that leave the readers laughing their hearts out. This piece has featured in two nominations in the Oscar Academy award where it clinched the best film editing and best film play as well.

==Fortune Cookie==

The fortune cookie commences wen a camera man ends up getting injured during a football game. He is then rushed to the hospital. His brother, who happens to be a lawyer, decided to come up with underhand ways of benefiting from the eventuality by strongly advising him to pretend that he was seriously injured to the pointy if being paralyzed.

The lawyers’ ultimate aim is receiving enormous indemnity from the insurance company involved. For that reason, the insurance team begin getting suspicious of the paralysis and therefore embark on the task of ascertaining whether the camera man is genuine or not. This then spices up the story line making it even more interesting.

With the round up information, it is definitely true that the movies are outstanding. They are actually a great way of cooling off to the movie-enthusiasts once they put their mind to it. In addition it’s over the top creativity is certainly rejuvenating.


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