Hilary Swank Month #3: The Gift, Conviction

The Gift By Hilary Swank:

The Gift is an amazing movie directed by Sam Raimi. It is also a two thousand American supernatural thriller movie with a lot of interesting scenes. The Gift is written by Top Epperson and Billy Bob Thornton. The movie is cascaded on the alleged psychic experience of bob’s mother.

The movie called The “Gift” is focused on Cate Blanchett(Annie) getting involved in a murder scenario. This is as a result of Annie acquiring comprehensive understanding about the crime via her supernatural perception. Other primary characters in the film are Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Giovanni Ribisi, and Keanu Reeves. Annie Wilson is a widow and the soothsayer in the city of Brixton, Georgia. Annie possesses supernatural perception that helps her to read the times or events. Holmes often called Jessica King is the fiancĂ©e of Kinnear (Wayne Collins), a local school principal disappears. Annie eventually discovered in her vision or trance that Holmes has been annihilated. Annie discovered in her vision that Jessica’s corpse has been thrown into a pond. The local sheriff Pearl Johnson was informed about Annie’s vision. Pearl used the information provided to him by Annie in skepticism to look a pond at Donnie Barksdale. Keanu Reeves (Donnie Barksdale) is the troublesome husband of one of Annie’s customers called Swank. Keanu has had problems with Annie and her children. He mentioned that Annie is the primary source of advice to his wife to divorce him. While Donnie is not found at home, Valerie allowed the search to continue. Donnie later appeared while the search is ongoing. During the search process, Donnie is arrested by the police for murder because Jessica’ dead body was found in the pond.

Conviction By Hilary Swank:

Conviction is a great movie directed by Tony Goldwyn. The movie is a 2010 legal farce written by Pamela Gray. Conviction features Sam Rockwell and Hilary Swank. At the Toronto International Film Festival, the movie called Conviction premiered on September 11, 2010. It was finally unleashed in the United States of America on October 15, 2010.

Conviction is a true life story cascaded on Betty Anne Waters. Anne is a single mother who often works every moment of the day help save her brother, Kenny. Conviction opens up with the scene of the 1980 brutal murder of Katharina Brow in Ayer, Massachusetts. The movie also unfolds in flashbacks in several ways. Anne’s life and everything about her revolve around Kenny. Kenny is currently in jail for committing murder against other people. Betty Anne has been close to her brother irrespective of him always liable to getting into problems. Sergeant Nancy Taylor brought Kenny in for questioning after the brutal murder case. After the questioning, Kenny was released to face a new life outside the police environment. Kenny is arrested based on new evidence from two witnesses after 2 years and tried. Kenny’ trial was presented with a circumstantial evidence and convicted of first-degree murder. Kenny was sentenced to life in prison without any pardon. The three primary witnesses against Kenny are Juliette Lewis (ex-girlfriend), Clea Duvall (ex-wife), and Sergeant Taylor.


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