Hilary Swank Month #2: Freedom Writers, PS I Love You

Freedom Writers

Starring Hillary Swank as Enrin, other members of the cast in the freedom writers include Patrick Dempsey, Imelda Staunton, and Mario whose role in the movie brings out the possibility of making changes.

Based on the freedom writer’s diary, Hillary Swank delves into the life of Enrin Gruwell (Swank), the new teacher who has volunteered to teach Woodrow Wilson classical High school. The decision, which is not welcome by her father, is partly because of the recent introduction of the segregation plan at the school.

On reaching the school whose teachers are still held captive by the good old day, enrin discovers the level of rot at the school because of the racial issue. The divisions run deep with gangs sprawling the school compound; she sets out to finish the problem albeit at a significant cost.

Her obsession with her assignments was not received well by her colleagues who fail to give her the necessary materials; she opts to take a second job. As if that is not enough, her marriage to Mr. Scot (Scott Glen) takes a dip, they divorce.

In the end, enrin manages to change the perception of her student with the elimination of the deep racial divide. The fiction /true story it is a classic epic thriller worth the time of those in love with the interesting movies.

PS I Love You

The Hillary Swank classical is a case of love in spite of the social differences which at times fail the test of time. The movie star Hillary Swank and has a cast of Gerald Butler, Lisa Kudrow Gina Gershon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kathy Bastes.

In love and full, of life, Holy (Swank) is married to Gerry who she loves with a passion. The death of gory acts as eye openers that save for their little difference, love is usually stronger, and the pain takes the toll out of holy.

Holy withdraws into an emotional oblivion where her family tries to help her out. In the mid of all these, Gerry had arranged before he died that delivery of a cake accompanied by the phrase PS I love you note when he is already dead reaches Holly.

Gerry’s letters act as the new light into a life of extraordinary discovery as she receives the cakes. Holy finally comes out of the grief wand discovers a new soul mate (William), who was Gerry childhood friend.

The discovery didn’t help as she withdrew again and brought back to life by Gerry letter and a development of her talent on seeing some of Gerry’s items next to hers. The actual fiction love story is a thriller worth watching.


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