Anthony Hopkins Month #3: Fracture, Hannibal


Fracture in a revolutionary and outstanding movie that uses critical evidence based and interdisciplinary approach to contemporary health practice to explores crimes of passions from the perspectives of victims and villains. A man catches his wife with another man. Out of anger, he shoots his wife in the head . The story takes a twist when the man in question does not die due to the fact that his body runs degrees cooler. The carefully well plotted movie can best be described as a high-toned version of the run-of-mill CBS procedural. The main character is played by the renowned Anthony Hopkins. The police is in the quest of finding justice for the deceased but the chase seems never ending. On the other hand, Hopkin sees the case as a monument of his superiority. Another outstanding character is Ryan Gosling, who plays a gorgeous prosecutor who does not lose any case, he has a 97 percent conviction rate. Gosling is assigned Hopkins’ case. The authorizes are at a disadvantage as they do not have the murder weapon and the perpetuators of this criminal activity are about to escape without even a slap in the wrist for an attempted cold blooded assassination. The twists in this story are simply amazing. The detective happens to be the man sleeping with Hopkin’s wife and therefore the confession is presumed to be coerced. The complications escalate as the story proceeds to further levels. Brilliant speculation and unpredictable scenes emerge and one can do nothing but read more.


The story line revolves around Hannibal lecter played by the renowned actor Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins plays a wild cannibal who is working in Italy as a museum curator. On the other hand, Clarice Starling is an FBI agent who was aided by the vicious Hannibal in apprehending a serial killer. Claire is put in charge of a big operation and things go south when one of her men sabotage their dealings. With every progression in the tale, more exciting events take place, keeping the viewer hooked. The classic introduction of characters is a thing of beauty. Paul Krender is a high ranking official who is not a big fan of Clarice and it is interesting to see how he uses his position to control and her. On the other hand, Clarice is aided by Mason Verger, a victim of Lecter to get back at his boss. Brilliant speculation and unpredictable scenes emerge and one can do nothing but keep on watching. The story explores violence and the true dangers involved. It features a gruesome operatic staging that will keep your eyes hooked on the screen. The addition of humor in an otherwise serious story makes the movie one of a kind. This is a classic movie that is both interesting and will take you on a roller Costa ride of an excoriating movie.

Both movies are brilliant, action paced and discuss topics that touch every person. Fracture is especially full of suspense and with every progress you will want to see how the events turn out. It is interesting to see the twists of betrayal, revenge all into one interesting Hannibal movie.


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