Anthony Hopkins Month #2: The Bounty, The Human Stain

The Bounty

Captain William Bligh and Fletcher Christian share an intriguing relationship being the best friends. When HMS Bounty sets sail to the South Sea, people encounter a tragedy in voyage causing everyone to be afraid. Christian is frustrated with the trip, probable death and dangers in the sea and he, and some sailors abort their journey. Relentless enemies create intense adventure in this epic story. Christian falls in love with a local girl and leads the sailors who choose to stay on the island paradise. One of the outstanding aspects of this movie is the shaping of characters. Christian has high spirits and incredible physical strength. Mel Gibson is quiet, observant and a man of few words. The film is action packed and entertaining. Though the movie has been recreated before, it does not feel secondhand at all, and you can see that Donaldson directs it with wit and flair. Donaldson also does an impeccable job making a contrast between civilized British as represented by Laurence Olivier with the simple free character of Polynesia. This is a tale of treachery and love entwines with the mystery all into one sea movie. The beautifully depicted romance between Gibson and the drop dead gorgeous Tevaite Vernette is a thing of beauty. This movie is an incredible adventure and a lush romance that will introduce you to a world of first-class thrillers.

The Human Stain

The Human Stain video is an impeccable work of art. In this balanced yet thoughtful movie Robert Benton explores the connections between sexual vitality in the age of Puritan censoriousness with the lyrical inquiry into the mysteries of race, old age and American history and draws on these to provide a practical guide for people working in the field. The developers present the issues in a cunning narrative strategy that immediately draws the views attention. This is a brilliant movie that creates awareness on issues less talked about. The classic introduction to characters is a thing of beauty. With each progression in the tale, more exciting events take place, keeping the viewer hooked. A blend of astonishing secrets, despicable politicians, and to make the matters more intriguing scientific monasteries all into extraordinary one dark territory make the action based thriller one of a kind. The creator of the movie seems to have much affection and respect for the actors. The weight of issues tends to change from chapter to chapter and such matters such as race tend to matter to in some chapters more than others. The developers have managed to explore human pain and the dangers of discrimination in a profound manner. The Bounty is an entertaining and captivating movie focus on a friendship that takes place in a sea.

The Bounty and The Human Stain are both heart-pounding, action packed original thrillers that will definitely in open your imagination. These first class thrillers explore humanity’s will to survive in the face of tragic moments. Both movies are fast paced and feature captivating stories with a degree of suspense that will leave you asking for more.


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