Matt Damon Month #3: Green Zone, Saving Private Ryan

Green Zone.
Green Zone exposes the political interests that are used to fuel war. The thriller film focuses on the US invasion in Iraq to uncover weapons of mass destruction belived to be stored in the country. While in the search for these weapons Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) discovers that the weapons are the subject of a cover up, with the US intelligence officials playing a major part.

The leading character Army Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller is played by Matt Damon. His fellow cast members include Amy Ryan who plays an investigative journalist,Brendan Greeson as a CIA officer ,Yigal Naor as an informant, Greg Kinnear, Jerry Della Saller, Khalid Abdalla, Michael O’neil, Tommy Campell, and Jason Isaacs among others.

Though it is a fictional film, Green Zone has many coincidences to the events that occurred during the reign of George W. Bush. This was the time that there were several invasions by the US, in Iraq to hunt down Saddam Hussein. This film’s similarities have easily been pointed out by critics.

However, the movie gives a rare view at political causes of war. It brings to the attention of the audience that the truth is indeed the most dangerous weapon. It captivates us to the plot, where Matt Damon in his character seeks to expose the faulty US intelligence. I cannot fail to acknowledge how well Matt Damon draws every detail into his character. His determination for truth defys authority in a race against time. The stunt are well perfomed and blend in with the music.

Saving Private Ryan.
Released in 1998 ‘Saving Private Ryan’ continues to be a modern war classic. It is an action packed film, whereby a military squad is deployed to locate Private Ryan (Matt Damon), and bring him back home to the US safely. In their mission, the comrades go through battles that lead to some questioning whether it is logical to risk their lives to rescue one man.

The Steven Speilberg directed movie brings Matt Daymond,Tom Hanks, Harve Presnell, Tom Sizemore, Jeremy Davis, Adam Goldberg, Giovani Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Edward Burns and Barry Pepper as castmates. Harve is the army chief calling out the mission, Tom Hanks is the private in charge of the mission, Tom Sizemore is the private’s right-hand man,Jeremy acts as a translator for the sqaud, Barry Pepper’s character is religious, and prays everytime while taking aim, and the rest of the crew are privates in the squad.

In my view Saving Private Ryan is the best war film ever made. While many war movies are centered around extreme violence, this one gives us a new insight. The movie focuses into the lives of the characters, their strengths, fears and internal conflicts while on mission. There is no doubt the characters give substance to the film. The movie gives us the realistic view of battle and how it affects soldiers. It also allows for considerable suspense to the audience. With the scenes well choreographed and the soundtrack giving a sense of deep emotion. However, there are graphic war scenes contained in the film, hence adults are its suited audience.


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