Matt Damon Month #2: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy

This one is going to cover two of the Bourne movies based on the Jason Bourne Books.
The Bourne Identity

In bourne Identity, Bourne played by Matt Damon is saved by an Italian fishing boat to find that he is suffering from complete amnesia though he is highly skilled in fighting and linguistics that suggest a deadly past. He goes out to find his identity with the help of Marie but finds out that he is being followed by an assassin.

The cast of Bourne Identity include Matt Damon as Bourne, Frank Potente as Marie, Chris Cooper as Ted, Brian Cox as Abbott and Julia stiles as Nicky. The director of the film is Doug Liman who also directed, Edge of Tomorrow, Fair Game, Jupiter and Mr. and Mrs Smith.

The Bourne Identity review:

The movie, “The Bourne Identity” is an excellent screen adaptation that has got high ratings by users. It received a rating of 7.9 out of 10 by IMDB. The movie starts with an unconscious man named Damon being saved by a fishing boat in the Mediterranean Sea. The doctor on board removed 2 slugs from his back and an implanted chip on his hip that contained Swiss bank codes. This is all a mystery to Bourne as he does not remember any thing about him self. The only clue that he has is the chip so, he follows where it leads and ends up at Zurich where he opens the safe deposit box that the chip directed to. The bank details let him know that his name is Jason Bourne. He decides to go the the US consulate for answers but is chased after by his own government. He meets Marie who agrees to drive him to Paris for 10,000 dollars. They grow fond of each other while frantically dodging ambushes and try to solve the strange and terrifying ordeal. Bourne realizes that he is an excellent fighter and is skilled in linguistics. This helps him to dodge the attacks. Infuriated, Bourne seeks to prove his innocence. He eventually finds out that he is actually a back ops assassin. As the movie progresses you will know more about project Tender-stone.

There is a lot of violence and language still it is worth watching as good spy thrillers of this quality are rare. We end up cheering for an assassin. The character of Bourne after experiencing total amnesia does not want to be an assassin any more. The fact that he is against all the violence makes him a likable character.

The kill rate is frequent for those who enjoy that and the cat and mouse chase makes adrenaline pump.

The Bourne supremacy

In this movie, Bourne is framed for stealing millions from the CIA by a Russian agent named Krill who tries to assassinate him but shoots down Bournes girlfriend instead. Borne sets out to take revenge, clear his name and bring justice to the culprit but he has to stay out of the CIA head, Pamela Landry’s way as in her eyes, he is guilty.

The movie is starred by Matt Damon as Bourne, Franka Potente as Marie, Brian Cox as Abbott, Joan Allen as Pamela, Karl Urban as Kirill, Julia Stiles as Nicky, Romas Arana as Martin and Gabriel Mannas Danny. The director of the move is Paul Greengrass who has also directed Captain Phillips, Green Zone, The Bourne Ultimatum and United 93.

The Bourne supremacy review

In this movie Damon once again does an excellent job in nailing the part of Bourne. The movie is rated 7.8 by the users of IMDB. The assassin is cleared of his accusations in the last movie by the government. In this movie he hopes to live a safe and quiet life with Marie in India. Bourne has an extremely violent flash back that makes him want to connect the missing links of his past. He sees a person who seems odd and out of place. This makes him take Marie and leave as fast as possible. He was right to be suspicious as the man started to attempt assassinations that Bourne barely dodged. The Indian chase turned out to be an international hunting game. One attempt ended up in the murder of his Girlfriend Maria. Else where two CIA agents are killed and the evidence points to Bourne. He has to prove his innocence once again and take revenge for the death of his loved one. Some critics say that the movie has little to do with the book but overall it is a great movie that is worth the watch.


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