Ben Affleck Month #2: Argo, The Town

Argo is is a thrilling poliical film, adapted from real life experiences in the book ‘The Master of Disguise’ by Tony Mendez. The Ben Affleck directed movie tells the tale of how Iranian militants took hostage 60 Americans, 6 of them managed to escape into a Canadian embassy. The C.I.A unit then launch a mission,with an incredible plan involving Hollywood makeup artists, in effort to rescue the 6 from the hostage crisis.

The cast for this film includes Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez (a C.I.A specialist), Brayn Cranston as Tony’s boss, Victor Garber as the Canadian ambassaidor in Iran, John Goodman, Allan Arkin, Christopher Denham, Clea DuVall, Kerry Bishe, Tate Donovan, Bob Guton, Foud Hajj, and Sheila Vand among others.

Considering that in this film Ben Affleck was recreating a real life occurrence, he has done a commendable job. The attention to detail from the cast, to the editing is perfect. It is no wonder the film recieved an Academy award for Best Picture in 2013. Viewers are well drawn and susutained in suspense. John Goodman and Allan Arkin ,who are based in Holllywood in the film, manage to sneak in laughs for the viewers through their some-how comical characters. The scenes are well choreographed giving the thrill to the viewers. In conclusion, Argo is a film that fully captures the intensity of the operation to rescue the 6 refugee Americans .

The Town.
This Ben Affleck directed film is a thriller that combines love, crime, friendship and betrayal. The Town is a drama film in which, Dough McRay (Ben Affleck) and his group of friends are robbers, they rob a bank and hold its manager hostage, they all live in the same neighborhood. In a twist of fate Doug soon falls in love with the bank manager in a twist, and is in a dilemma, he is to choose between betraying his family of friends or losing the love of his life.

Ben Affleck plays Doug McRay who is the leader of a gang of Boston bank robbers. The film brings together Rebecca Hall as the bank manager, Jeremy Renner as Doug’s closest friend and partner in crime, John Hamm as an FBI agent, Blake Lively, Chris Cooper, Owen Burke, Slaine, Pete Postlethwaite, and Victor Garber among others as cast members.

The Town is effective in thrilling the audience as the actors bring out the emotions of the characters. Making one of my favorite movies. Jeremey Renner’s character shows a side of the actor like never before. He captivates the viewers with his twisted, confused and spontaneous demeanor. In Ben Affleck’s effort to leave his criminal past, he has managed to remarkably captured the emotion in each scene.

However, The movie adapted from Chuck Hogan’s novel ‘The Prince of Thieves’ is not a reflection of Ben Affleck’s full potential. Affleck who co-wrote, directed and starred in the film does not convince the audience fully. The chase and stunts in which his four memeber gang and the police participate in, lack proper perfomance. The stunts especially depend more on visual effects rather than good choreography.


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