Jack Nicholson Month #4: Batman, Wolf

BATMAN (1989)
The name says it all. This is a movie about our very favorite vigilante, the caped crusader, the dark knight, Batman and his battle with his arch rival, the psychotic maniac, the homicidal clown, The Joker. In this movie, Batman faces Joker as his first major enemy while waging a war on crime.The biggest reason that Batman is very popular is that he doesn’t have any superpowers. He is just a guy in the mask. The very idea behind Batman is that he could be anyone. This makes him vulnerable and dangerous at the same time. In this movie, Tim Burton does a great job in giving Gotham the dark touch that it has in comics. It already feels like this city is in a lot of trouble. It is deeply rooted in evil.
Michael Keaton, who played Batman did a great work. He was a comic actor at that time. But he still managed to portray the seriousness of his character, the setting, and the whole film. He was perfect as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. He was believable and relatable as someone who is trying to do something good and give back to the society.Jack Nicholson as The Joker and/or Jack Napier is gut wrenching amazing. He clearly performed one of the most iconic roles ever. He was one of the very few actors at the time who overshadowed the leading actor, even when both performed great. It is thrilling to watch him, every time he comes on screen.When you have two such great actors and one great director, everything seems perfect. But this wasn’t the case of Batman. The overall film lacked in its compelling. This was a very good film, but with such great performances, direction, and chilling backdrop of Gotham, everyone clearly deserved more

WOLF (1994)
Wolf is a story of a publisher, Will Randall who becomes a werewolf and his life turns upside down. He was demoted from his job, was cheated upon by his wife with the same person who replaced him is his job. His boss’ daughter fall for him. It might look like a horror film, but it is not. This is a story of curse, love and despair.There isn’t much going on in the film, but still you’ll never lose the interest. The cinematography of the film is very good.Jack Nicholson as Will Randall is refreshing as always. He plays a subtle character who is turning into a full werewolf. He clearly manages to deliver the best of his character.James Spader played Stewart Swinton who snatches Randall’s position. He, as usual, doesn’t find it difficult to be disliked. Michelle Pfeiffer played Laura Alden who loves Randall. She performed better than you would expect. She is tough and proactive, and very much believable.Pfieffer and Nicholson love story doesn’t seem out of context.Mike Nichols, the director of the film manages to create an unconventional but likable film. He pulls you into the film from the opening credits and leaves you in the end.Giuseppe Rotunno did a very good cinematography in the film.Overall, good direction and great performances by everyone, this film, surely is a worth watch.


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