Daniel Day-Lewis Month #4: The Age of Innocence, Nine

The age of innocence is a romantic drama film that tells the story of a man torn in between love and civilization, set in the late 19th century the film tries to portray the impact of racial integration and economic civilization on a native American man. The plot revolves around the main character and his dilemma over choosing traditional honor in marrying a fellow native American girl, and his desire into understanding civilization aspect of freedom portrayed by the attractive countess Ellen. The lead role is played by Daniel-day Lewis, supporting roles include Michelle Pfeifer, (countess Ellen Olenska) and Winona Ryder (May Welland) and last but not least Miriam Margoyles who won The British Academy award for Best Actress in a supporting role . The film was directed by Martin Scorsese who earned a nomination for the outstanding directorial in motion pictures Award.
The film’s late 19th century setting gives it an important perspective in the revolution of the American civilization because this was the age when the country was embracing development in industrialization. Newland Archer the main character suffers most because of his indecisive nature. He is caught in between two close women who are heavily dependent on him emotionally and intellectually. He is portrayed as having a good heart and overly nurtured that is why he open about his feelings for May and openly expresses his intentions to marry her.
This movie deprives the aspect of love the chance to vividly come out, Newland is so openly intrigued by Ellen’s wit and knowledge of the social integration in New York. The movie does not fail in showing chemistry and connection between Newland and the countess, however in Newland is with held from real love due to obligation. Daniel-day Lewis portrays an energetic persona when dealing with two women closely related while very distinct ethically. His soft manly display of character when dealing with May although he finds her way of life timid and UN-eventful. At the same time being intelligent, respectful and laid back on the role with Ellen this combination makes the movie move steadily and orderly.
Nine (2009)
Movie review
This film talks about an Italian film producer who suffers from writers block condition, the film focuses on the main character seeking redemption from his lack of ideas for a good movie. The film is a fast paced chronology of scenes of the main character interacting with his numerous women he has been with in life, the mixture of backdrops parts showing the actual setting and the actors dilemma between love, honesty and own shortcomings makes it intriguing. The main cast include Daniel-day Lewis as the main character, and a host of supporting actors, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard,Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Judi Dench. The film was directed by the talented award winning Rob Marshal.
This film has an incredible setting of what would be referred as a movie within a movie. The back scenes describe a playful nature of the film. Its qualified as a romantic comedy because of vivid comical lines. Guido the main character a reckless Italian with a loathing desire with women is portrayed as a determined person. The aspect of love is developed very well in the film as it shows Guido torn between his love for his wife and the undying need to satisfy other women in his life. The film depicts the characters as independent as well as connected to each other. The aspect of intertwining the film with the actual setting is a brilliant twist, and elevates the quality of the entire production.


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