Daniel Day-Lewis Month #3: In the Name of the Father, My Left Foot

In the Name of the Father

If the world was created without any type of injustice, then unquestionably Hollywood would have created it. Driven by a righteous kind of anger, movies these days are fighting against the miscarriages of justice and also defend the falsely maligned and the ill-treated. In the Name of the Father is an ideal model of this kind of infuriating film making, which uses one of the most popular and celebrated cases in Britain to roll over an audience with polemical cinema and power of rousing. Apart from using one of the most celebrated cases in Britain’s history, In the Name of the father also reunites a formidable creative team that was responsible for creating My Left foot.

Strongly aligned to an extremely powerful underlying reality, this movie has the advantage of being apprehensive with the truth about its relationship, which in turn adds a rather unusual father son story to its inconceivable mix. Sheridan hits the audience with a shocking component of the movie’s reality, “the IRA 1974 Bombing”. In this attack, a total of five people were killed but the damage which was done on Britain’s internal security was colossal. In the hysteria which followed, the Prevention of terrorist act was passed thus allowing the police force to interrogate suspects for more than seven days without allowing them access to an attorney or bringing up charges.

With that said, In the Name of the Father, was directed by the critically acclaimed Jim Sheridan who also acted as the movie’s producer. The screenplay was done by Jim Sheridan and Terry George. Daniel Day Lewis plays the main character Gerry Colon while Emma Thompson plays Gareth Pierce. Upon its release, In the Name of the Father received mainly positive reviews from a majority of the critics. Metacritics and Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie very highly.

My Left Foot: A Story of Christy Brown

For many years, Daniel Day Lewis has dazzled us with exceptional performance in movies like Will Be Blood, Gangs of New York and There Will be Blood. In this movie, Daniel Day Lewis unquestionably hit it big with such a small franchise by giving it a performance which would eventually earn him, his very fast Oscar Academy Award. My Left Foot tells a story about a man who had been born with celebral palasy living him with only one functional limb. During his early years as a child, he needs a lot of attention from his mother.

After facing a difficult time communicating through writing, with only one moveable arm, he later on successfully takes on painting, a skill which earns him a recognition when his physician, convinces a close friend to place one of his arts on display. Through his work relationship with the physician, Christy(Daniel Day Lewis) learns to communicate more clearly. Apart from learning how to communicate, Christy also begins to fall in love with his doctor. However, he can’t build up the courage to tell the doctor how he really feels, which in turn leads to a rather explosive engagement when he learns about her engagement.

My left foot was directed by Jim Sheridan while the production was done by Noel Pearson. This movie received mostly positive reviews from various movie critics with Rotten Tomatoes giving the movie a rating of 97 per cent. Apart from that, it has also bagged several awards including the Oscar Academy Awards for best actor and best supporting actress, BAFTA films Award, European Film Awards and many others.


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