Al Pacino Month #2: Godfather 1 & 2

The Godfather 1

The Godfather is a legendary movie with a broad plot based on the same titled book by Mario Puzo. It details Michael Corleone’s rise to power, who is portrayed by Al Pacino. Michael experiences many obstacles in his prolific rise, such as rival mafia families. Other spectacular actors star in this movie, for instance, James Caan, Talia Shire, Robert Duvall, and John Cazale all play Michael’s siblings. Michael’s Father is played by the late Marlon Brando, and his character is The Godfather, Vito Corleone. In the movie, Michael is dating Kay Adams, played by Diane Keaton. Tying all of this together, and what you get is, in my opinion, one of the the greatest movies of all time. The Godfather is far from a mafia movie based on gun violence, graphic shootouts, and vulgar language. The most notable characteristic of this film has to be the depth of the many story-lines and how well they mesh together to create this movie. After 44 years, The Godfather still holds the bold impact on the film industry. Like fine wine, this movie just gets better over time, and is much more appreciated. Francis Ford Coppola did a remarkable job directing this movie, and he established his monumental career during and after the release of this project. Al Pacino’s acting in this movie can not be beat. From when he was an innocent marine back at home to his rise to power, he nailed his performance, Especially during his monologue in the climax of the story.

The Godfather 2

Here we have the greatest sequel of all time, The Godfather 2. The film is part prequel and part sequel, and it is still directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The prequel scenes follow Vito Corleone’s (portrayed by Robert De Niro) entrance into organized crime by meeting Sal Tessio & Peter Clemenza and eventually they all have enough of the ruthless gangster, Don Fanucci, that rules Little Italy. The sequel portion details Michael Corleone’s expansion into Havana, Cuba. During the attempt into Cuba, he encounters Hyman Roth, The Castro Regime, who close down Cuba, and a traitor. During all of this, The Corleone Family is facing trials against the United States Government for illegal organized criminal activity and conspiracy to commit these crimes by the past and present bosses of the family. While The Godfather takes the crown for greatest movie of all time, I absolutely enjoy the second film a lot more. This movie has more action, more deception, and covers more sub plots. The Godfather films are also very long movies that are 2 hours & 45 minutes, and 3 hours & 22 minutes, respectively; The third one isn’t short either. The acting is even better in part 2, and Al Pacino’s acting becomes even more seasoned, and his ability to evolve Michael into a ruthless mafia don from a war hero is a very impressive feat. I am also very impressed with Robert De Niro’s commitment to this movie because he lived in Sicily for a year to pick up the Sicilian dialect. Overall, The Godfather 2 is a top tier movie that can compete ‘pound for pound’ with its predecessor.


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