Al Pacino Month #1: Heat, Scarface

Scarface, directed by Brian de Palma is one of the best movies which tells us about the functioning of the underworld. Al Pacino plays the role of Tony Montana, a refugee from Cuba who is locked up in a jail in Florida for taking part in some political activities. While in prison, he was given an attractive offer from one of his friends named Omar. Omar told him, that if he manages to kill a man inside the jail, then he will set Tony free. Tony gets the job done with help of his friend, Manny ( played by Steven Baeur) . As promised, they were released from jail and came back to America.
After returning back to the USA, both of them took up a job in a fast food shop. But soon, they were offered to take part in a drug trade. The deal got messed up, but Tony still managed to escape unharmed from the scene, thanks to his quick thinking. After that, Tony meets the main drug lord in that area named Frank. Frank realized that Tony had lots of potential and hired him to help him with his business. But Tony’s greed got the better off him and he wanted to have all the money. He killed Frank and married his wife, Elvira. Money changed Tony completely. He even killed his close friend Frank for dating his sister. At the end of the movie, he also ends up dead because of betraying another drug lord named Sosa. The plot of the movie is extremely interesting and will always keep you hooked. It is quite fast paced, and has some great action scenes. It brilliantly portrays the happenings in the underworld. But the movie stands out because of the acting of Al Pacino. His perfect Cuban accent, brilliant dialogue delivery adds another another dimension to this movie. He brilliantly portrayed the hot-headed, clever, greedy character of Tony. Overall, with an interesting story line and full of witty one liners, this movie is a must watch.

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The movie starts with Neil McCauley ( played by Robert De Niro), who is an expert robber and has spent a large part of his life in prison. He has promised himself that he will never go back to prison again in his life. However, during one of his heists, he along with his friends ends up killing as many as 3 cops. Detective Hanna was given the job to trace all of them down. Neil and his colleagues meanwhile agreed to take part in a huge bank robbery of around 12 million dollars.But, Hannah has traced them down and kept an eye on them always. Neil was aware of the fact that he was being tracked. Ultimately, only one of them will come out on top.

The plot of the movie is similar to that of a cat and mouse chase. It is extremely fast paced and manages to keep the audiences engaged. The best part is probably the brilliantly directed gun fight which took place in the middle of the movie. Al Pacino played the role of Detective Hanna brilliantly. As the movie progresses, you will gradually start respecting the character Hanna. The soundtrack is also brilliant. Overall, Director Michael Mann does a fine job and definitely entertains his audiences. If you are fan of action movies, then this is must watch.


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