Robert Downey Jr Month #3: Due Date, Zodiac


The story is about Peter Highman, a slightly ill tempered architect who must reach his wife, before the delivery of their first baby. However, what would have been a normal journey from Atlanta to Los Angeles, turned into a nightmare when he came across Ethan Tremblay,a person with zero social manners and an extremely low IQ.

Directed by Todd Philips, Robert Downey Jr plays the role of Peter Highman, Michelle Monaghan plays the role of his wife and Zach Galifianakis plays the role of the crazy Ethan Tremblay.

Did I just say that it was a nightmarish journey? Well it was, considering that Robert Downey Jr broke his arm, lost his wallet and bag, lost his ID and was even forced to spend long hours in a Mexican lock up, as an illegal immigrant. On top of that, he had to bear with brainless Ethan, who somehow always managed to rile him up. But, such was the bromance between the two leads, that Peter didn’t leave him even when he had the chance to do so. Instead, he goes out of the route to Grand Canyon, so that Ethan can empty a coffee tin, containing his dad’s ashes.
Director,Todd Philips has managed to create one of the craziest, funny road movies, with brilliant performances from the two leads. It has plenty of fun moments, some surprises and one of the best screen plays. Full of witty one liners, an amazing chemistry between the two leads,this movie will surely entertain you.


During the late 1960’s and 1970’s a serial killer called Zodiac kills the residents of San Francisco and taunts the police with their letters and cryptic messages. Four men became obsessed in tracking down the killer and trying to bring him to justice.

Directed by, David Fincher, Zodiac has a star studded cast. Robert Downey Jr plays the role of Paul Avery, Jake Gyllenhall plays the role of Robert Graysmith, Mark Ruffalo plays Inspector David Toschi and Anthoney Edwards features as Inspector William.

The story begins with the killing of a young man and woman in California. Then continued a series of absolutely brutal killings. Crime reporter, Paul Avery starts to cover the case along with cartoonist Robert Graysmith. After the murder of a cabbie, two police inspectors also joins in the investigation. As time passes by, they start discovering more clues, find many suspects, but the real murderer was never caught. Throughout the movie, the director gives us glimpses of the American culture in the 1960’s and 1970’s. But it is in the movie’s pacing where Fincher’s genius can be truly seen. Because, this is a movie which is not full of action, there are no chases or gun fights yet the movie has a breathless momentum.Prior to this movie, Fincher has spent months talking with witnesses and studying the case properly. He has literally re investigated the murders. That is probably why, this movie has been so brilliant and has been able to captivate the audiences.


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