Robert De Niro Month #3: Cop Land, The Fan

Cop Land

In the 1970’s, cops are wanted a place far from the ruthless streets of New York and they found one called Cop Land in Garrison, New Jersey. However, all is not well in Garrison as the sheriff Freddy Heflin (Stallone) investigates cops who may be corrupted by the mob. The movie also stars Ray Liotta, Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel, Robert Patrick, Peter Berg, Michael Rapaport and Janeane Garofalo. The film is directed and written by James Mangold. Sylvester Stallone performed his role so well here that he won Best Actor at the Stockholm Film Festival. It was a role that was not tailor made for him. In fact, it could have went to anybody but it went to him and he played it perfectly. There was a subplot between Freddy and Liz because Freddy once saved Liz from drowning as a kid but ended up losing his hearing in one ear as a result. However, the movie did not really focus on that which was a big mistake. Keitel, DeNiro and Liotta were okay in their roles and you are going to expect twists and turns until you find out the true bad guys in the end. This movie had a lot of that and I highly recommend it to those who love cop drama flicks. The real winner here is James Mangold who wrote a good script and directed it excellently too. He deserves an award for all the things he did for this flick which is a reason a lot of stars had roles in it.

The Fan

A die hard baseball fan (DeNiro) wants Bobby Rayburn (Snipes) to turn around his season. Unfortunately, he goes a little too far in getting Rayburn to play hard. Robert DeNiro proves why he is one of the best actors in the world with his performance in this movie. Benicio del Toro also had a good performance as Rayburn’s rival Juan Primo. My advise is not to watch the trailer as it gives away a lot. I decided to skip it and enjoy the thrills of the movie and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. The movie is directed by Tony Scott and also stars Ellen Barkin, John Leguizamo and Chris Mulkey. It starts as a drama but it does not take long before it turns into a suspense thriller as you can tell Gil Renard (DeNiro) would literally do anything to make Rayburn perform at a high level. It is doubtful any committed baseball fan would do the things Renard did but that is what creates excitement in the movie. DeNiro’s performance is so convincing that he got nominated for the Best Villain category in the MTV Movie awards. Benicio del Toro and Tony Scott also got nominated for awards but only Ellen Barkin won one. This is one movie that will get you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. You would not want to miss a second of the encounters.


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