Robert De Niro Month #2: Meet the Parents, Analyze This

Meet the Parents
Whimsical and Incredibly Hilarious Modern Comedy Classic That’s Full Of Emotional Depth

Meet The Parents is a whimsical and funny movie that exploits the comical talents in Robert De Niro (playing as Jack) and Ben Stiller (Greg).

The story begins when Greg, a male nurse, is about to marry his love Pam (Teri Polo) but learns that he must receive blessings from Pam’s father, Jack. Greg thinks that it will be a piece of cake and that nothing could ever go wrong, but he’s just about to realize how wrong he is.

The movie takes us through the mishaps, from losing Pam’s purse at the airport to having Jack’s favorite cat lost. Greg is the kind of character that strives to please other people, and he’s trying really hard to impress his father in law, but things just can’t seem to fall into place.

Even though the movie doesn’t portray much love chemistry between Greg and Pam (at one point they don’t seem in love), but the director compensates by exploiting the tension between Greg and Jack and making the best out of it.

The director (Jay Roach) takes the plot seriously while making sure that the tense moments between Robert de Niro’s character and Ben Stiller’s character are as hilarious as possible. I personally love the chemistry between the two talented actors.

The Meet The Parents movie basically offers a solid story to the audience and doesn’t interfere with the comical material, but instead contributes to it.

Robert de Niro plays his natural character of being a no-nonsense, serious father in law as Ben Stiller reveals his obscure zany flippancy character. Lively direction and top-notched performance raises the movie to a higher level.

Analyze This
Uproariously Funny Comedy With Moments Of Absolute Hilarity

In Analyze This, Robert De Niro plays Paul Vitti, a fearless mob boss seeking psychological help from a “shrink” which is something unlike what we are used to seeing in mob boss movies.

The shrink or psychiatrist part, Dr. Ben Sobol, is played by Billy Crystal. The doctor has been approached by the mob boss, and he unwillingly agrees to make Robert De Niro’s character better so that he doesn’t experience another nervous breakdown.

The doctor will have to treat the mob boss within two weeks when he’ll be expected to attend a business meeting with other mob bosses.

It is during this time that we are taken through the funny moments of the movie as we see two people from totally different worlds try understanding each other.

Robert De Niro triggers some kind of a sharp comic edge and portrays the right amount of an exaggerated sentimentality to his character Paul Vitti, who seems to be more difficult than expected.

He perfectly depicts a different picture of mob bosses, that they are humans with feelings of depression and stress.

The director (Harold Ramis) does a perfect job in putting the pieces together to make the movie a solid performance.

Even though this is something that had been exploited in “Sopranos” the director does it in a funny and humorous manner.

Lisa Kudrow, playing as the doctor’s girlfriend, also makes a great distraction from the two main acts by Bill Crystal and Robert De Niro. She is fun to watch, although not that funny, and produces a dim-minded character.

The movie is not only funny, but also a charm, and it derives this from a perfect casting. The movie largely benefits from a great direction by Ramis and from an outstanding performance by Crystal and De Niro.


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