Robert De Niro Month #1: Goodfellas, Casino


As classic as a tailored suit, and as finely crafted as a Rolls Royce, Goodfellas is truly the epitome of Gangster movies. Leaving a lasting impression on any viewer, it succeeds in becoming a part of your everyday life and thoughts. This is due to the flawless depiction of raw human emotions and thoughts ranging from sorrow, regret and anguish, to joy, excitement, and peace. Indeed, it is a roller coaster ride that is almost a crime not to watch (no pun intended). The film journeys through the life of a young hoodlum, Henry Hill, who dreams of becoming a flamboyant mobster. His struggle, commitment and perseverance, lead to him rising through the ranks of the dangerous labyrinth, that is the mob web. Heavily awarded director Martin Scorsese brings to life an absolutely immersive and stunning gagster movie, that is crafted to perfection in every possible way. An ensemble cast including the legend Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, and Lorraine Bracco, helps create one of the greatest films of all time. Goodfellas is dense, packed with moments that leave the viewer in awe, and creates an intimate relation between character Henry Hill, and the viewer. De Niro’s impeccable performance ensures that Henry Hill’s emotions become yours, and his thoughts and moods have a lasting impact your mind. The film truly accurately captures the period it is set in, and gives an incredible insight into the hidden and dark world of organized crime. Goodfellas is a larger than life cinematic marvel, and a film that guarantees to flabbergast and overwhelm its audience. It is a rare gem that leaves no doubt in the mind of the audience as to why it received six Academy Award nominations.


A film with multilayers that dazzles an unsuspecting audience, Casino is a clever masterpiece from critically acclaimed pair, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. It is completely fascinating and suspenseful, leaving its audience at the edge of their seat. Casino depicts the link between crime, and legalized gambling in Las Vegas. It is a story of greed, vengeance, lust, and deception, that takes place between mobsters Sam “Ace” Rothstein, Nicholas Santoro, and his trophy wife, Ginger McKenna. Director Martin Scorsese once again proves he is a master craftsman, and that he is truly the greatest crime film director. He is aided by an excellent and highly talented cast, featuring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone. Casino makes its viewer feel like an informant, and like they are in a place they are not supposed to be. It is a film that fills you up with diverse emotions, varying as every minute of the movie passes. Even at three hours long, Casino never fails to firmly grasp your attention at any given moment, and leaves you wanting to see more. A movie that is as complicated as a tangled spiders web, and as dark and gritty as the true events that it is based on, it is a must watch for everybody. Baffling, riveting, and spellbinding, it indeed is a spectacle that should be missed by none.


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