Leonardo DiCaprio Month #4: Blood Diamond, Shutter Island


Blood Diamond is about the bloodshed, slavery ans violence that happens everyday in Sierra Leone for diamond mining and smuggling. Danny Archer, who is a player in this diamond business, meets Solomon and Maddy and his changes as he has to choose between peace and war, and love and greed.
Danny Archer is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Solomon Vandy is played by Djimon Hounsou and Maddy bowen is played by Jennifer Connelly.Screenlay and story are written by by Charles Leavitt. Edward Zwick is the diretor of the movie.
Blood diamon is one of the most exellent, realistic and poignant movies in Hollywood. The lives of the people in the violence, potrayed in the movie is astonishing. One of the best things of the movie is that it doesn’t overdramatize the events. After watching the movie, everone will definetely think a lot before ever buying a diamond.Leo, as always is fantastic in the movie and raise the movie one level higher. I think it is physically impossible for Leo to not gice more than his best performance in any movie. Jennifer makes everyone feel her awesome performace despite having a small presence in the movie.Djimon played Solomon extraordinaririly wonderful. He made everyone emotionally attached with him and kept them hooked up till the end. The depiction of human nature amidst the violence is simply great.The script by Charles Leavitt allowed all the characters to perform extremely well without overshdowing other characters.The director, Edward Zwick did a geat job in stitching and compling the story altoger, and creating it into a great movie.


Shutter Island is about an escape, an investigation and a psychological mystery to solve. Teddy Daniels, a US Marshall and his parter Chuck Aule are investigating a disappearance of a murderer patient from the shutter island asylum. While the investigation, Teddy discovers some shocking truths, that makes him question his own sanity.
Teddy Daniels is played by Leonardo Dicaprio, Chuck Aule is played by Mark Ruffalo, Dr. Crawley is played by Ben Kingsley and Dr. Naehring is played by Man Von Sydow. Emily Mortimer is also in the movie as Rachel.The movie is based on a novel by Dennis Lehane of the same name. The screenplay is written by Leta Kalogrodis. The movie is directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese.Shutter Island is a movie that Martin Scorsese is indeed the master film maker why he is called one of the greatest. Shutter Island is the greatest psychological thriller in the movie history. The movie takes you to a whole new world of madness, where you also question your sanity with the development of the characters. You feel stuck in the movie as you watch it. This movie makes you scratch your brains out, you can’t afford to miss even a single moment. This film leaves you stunned, searching for answers.Leo never lets anyone down. Leo, Mark and Ben, everyone in this movie delivered more than they can, a performance of a lifetime. The way Martin directed these legends, no one else can do.A worth multiple watch.


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