Johnny Depp Month #4: Ed Wood, Donnie Brasco

Movie Review- Ed Wood

Johnny Depp Moth plays the lead role in the movie playing the role of filmmaker Ed Wood, who was awarded the “Golden Turykey Award” which labelled him as the “Worst Director of All Time”. However, the movie tries to bring the sincere effort of Ed Wood who is trying to make his mark as a filmmaker and become immortal.

Apart from Johnny Depp Moth the other actors in the movie are Martin Landau who acted the role of Bela Lugosi. Then, there is Sarah Jessica Parker who portrays the role of Dolores Fuller, Ed’s girlfriend who is aghast at Ed’s transvestism and decides to leave him. Then, there are plenty of talented actors including Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie, Jeffrey Jones, etc. who depict the personality of various people who played a significant role in Ed Wood’s life. The director of the movie is Tim Burton who happens to be the producer of the movie as well.

The film received a lot of critical acclaim though it wasn’t able to earn huge financial profits. As the film is a biopic so it was constantly compared with the original life history of Ed Wood who was actually criticized a lot in his life. However, the film basically overlooks the darker and negative aspects about Ed Wood and tries to bring about the struggle of Ed Wood in trying to establish himself as a director by seeking support of whomsoever he could. The film talks about how Ed Wood ends up producing a film titled “Bride of the Monster” in the end. Also, the director wishes to become well-known and pins all his hopes on the movie “Plan 9” that was being premiered at the end of the movie Ed Wood. So, the film talks about the positives in the life of Ed Wood and his endeavour to become successful in the film industry.

Movie Review-Donnie Brasco

The movie is a crime drama which reveals the life of the gangsters including Benjamin Lefty, Sonny Black, Sonny Red, etc. and an FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone who is assigned the task of breaking into the gang in order to learn about their operations and then help the police in catching them.

The film is directed by Mike Newell, and stars Johnny Depp who acts the role of Joseph D. Pistone, Al Pacino, an aging gangster, and Michael Madsen, Bruno Kirby, Anne Heche, and Zeljko Ivanek among others who play the supporting role.

The movie depicts the real life story of an FBI undercover agent named Joseph D. Pistone whose character is played excellently by the exceptionally talented and immensely trained actor Johnny Depp who has clearly been successful in bringing about the exact life of the FBI Agent. The constant conflicts between Joseph D. Pistone and his wife reveal how a seemingly thrilling job of FBI Agent is actually tragic on a personal end.

The movie shows Joseph’s mission of infiltrating the gangster Benjamin “Lefty’s” gang in order to get them arrested. However, the movie highlights a clash between the personal feelings and professionalism as, over a period of time, Joseph becomes closer to Lefty and finds himself weaker while acting against him. However, in the end the law takes its course when Lefty gets arrested and Joseph gets felicitated and is bestowed with a medal for his outstanding and audacious role that he plays.


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