Johnny Depp Month #2: Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a short story TV series that revolves around the daily life and practices of a prominent pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean is a fantasy series base on Walt Disney’s theme, park ride of the same name and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Directors of the movie included Gore Vebinski for 1-3, Robo Marshall for 4, Espen Sandberge and Joachim Donning for 5. The general setting of the film is in a historical place with rulers same as the East India Company and the British Empire. The pirates are therefore a representation of freedom from the then ruling powers.

The Pirates of the Caribbean feature Johnny Depp as the main cast who plays the role of the drunkard and relentless Captain Jack Sparrow. This was probably the best movie entrance that was ever made in the many years of the past. I personally feel the movie would have not made it to be as powerful as it did, had it not been for the freakingly insane performance of Johnny Depp. I would have however loved to see Runner who is probably the main character picking up fro where Errol Flynn the great had left from once Lord of the rings is done. It is quite in explainable to tell how great Johnny Depp’s performance was but he actually manage to instantly pull out a classic cinematic character who can comfortably shift from being a fool to being a genius by constantly shaping the perception of the people around him.


This is an animated movie that revolves around a pet chameleonThis in this case Johnny Depp who was accidentally separated from his owner by falling off the car. He was then directed to a small desert town that has not had rains for quite some time, therefore running dry. It however turnedbout to be that the town’ Mayer was the one manipulating the water by controlling the city’s water main valve. Directing all the water to his new found land close to the city. All this is with the help and aid of roadkill, a mystically moving yuccas. The film was produced by Gore Verbinsky’s production company. This film animation was generated by Industrial Light and Magic.

Rango is a dramatic comedy starring Johnny Depp who deals with a number of mature themes revolving around the world’s main questions like who am I. This should therefore not get over the kid’s head. Despite being an animated movie, Rango is not necessarily the kid’s kind of movie because it involves so much violence and scary scenes which are not suitable for children. A number of characters actually die or are nearly killed with some supporting characters smoke. Even with all this, there is no offense in defending those unable to defend themselves and living upon your potential thanks to the positive messages. The movie has a number scenes which are not ideal for children including drugs and alcohol accompanied by adult content including the use of vulgar language such as “damn”.


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