Johnny Depp Month # 1: Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland


Edward is an almost complete person, who couldn’t be completed by his creator who dies before finishing his hands. Edward with his metal Scissorhands lived alone in a castle on the top of a hill for a long time until Peg, a kind avon lady introduces him into her world.The movie is written by Caroline Thompson and Tim Burton. Tim Burton is also the director of the movie. Edward is played by Johnny Depp and Peg is played by Dianne West. Winona Ryder plays Kim and Vincent Price plays the inventor.

Edward Scrissorhands is a pure artwork by Tim Burton. The way it depicts isolation, pain, love, curiosity and hope is mesmerizing. Like all other Tim Burton movies, this movie is also warm and cold, bright and dark, tender and evil at the same time. The movie tears your heart apart and still manages to give you hope. The performances were top-notch. This was Johnny Depp’s first lead role in a movie and he nailed it. He was so utterly believable as Edward, so effortless. He didn’t have much dialogue in the movie, yet he delivers a great performance. His acting was just perfect and honest. Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp had great chemistry together on screen and look beautiful. Vincent Price as the inventor and Dianne West as Peg were so very believable.The script was great and the direction was at its best. Tim Burton is undoubtedly one of the greatest directors of all time. He always brings us unusual, different movies which won’t be made in Hollywood if it weren’t for him.


Alice Kingsleigh always had nightmares about a peculiar world with strange creatures, since she a little girl. Now, the 19 year old Alice return to the same mystical world, everyone calls it Underland, and discovers that the nightmares she had weren’t just dreams, they were memories of her childhood adventures in wonderland, as she calls it. Now wonderland needs her more than ever.The movie is based on Lewis Carroll’s books. The screenplay is written by Linda Woolverton. Tim Burton is the director of the movie.Alice is played by Mia Wasikowska, the Mad Hatter is played by Johnny Depp, Red Queen is played by Helena Bonham Carter and White Queen is played by Anne Hathaway. Alice in a beautifully made film, but the film itself is not so. The movie lacks a good storytelling. The wonderland does make you want to go there, but not enough to stay there. It is a good film, but could have been much better. While fantasy lovers are confused whether they like the movie or not, other people find it hard to understand what is happening in the movie and why it is happening. The movie is too adrift from the novel.Johnny Depp is always a delight to watch. But his amazing work could not save the movie. Mia acted pretty well and was convincing as Alice. Red Queen played by Helena did her job very well. Anne as White Queen was not good enough. As White Queen, people are supposed to like her, but they find it hard to do so.The direction was very good, but the CGI and underacting was supposed to director’s job to handle. Tim Had made some greatest movies of all time, but this was not even close.


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