Sigourney Weaver Month #3: Avatar, A Map of the World


In the year 2154, Jake Sully along with a team of marine professionals has been deployed to the moon Pandora on a unique mission of finding the precious ore that could solve the ecological crisis on Earth. Pandora, the distant planet is inhabited by an indigenous race known as the Na’vi.

Sam Worthington, portrays the character of a paraplegic marine and his role is equally supported by Zoe Saldana as Neytiri. Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine & Michelle Rodriguez as Trudy Chacón. The film is written as well directed by the legendary director James Cameron.

The marine’s mission are thwarted by the Pandora’s race also known as the Na’vi. Stephen Lang who plays the character of Colonel Miles Quaritch orders his team and sends Jake Sully, a transformed Avatar a remote control alien body that will allow Jake to breathe the air on Pandora. Slowly Jake gains the trust of the Pandora community and falls in love with a beautiful Na’vi woman named Neytiri.Jack slowly understands the importance of the Na’vi’s race and their values. As Jake starts to see the world through her eyes, he realizes how much this new world matters to the Na’vi and to him and fights to protect his new race.

Additional credits for the background score and cinematography. With extremely well narrated script, proper deployment of veteran stars this film is an absolute treat for the audience. It should be on anyone’s favourite backlist films. Director’s imagination is out of the box and receives additional credits for his outstanding creativity.

A Map of the World:

Story revolves around a school nurse Alice Goodwin her husband and two daughters living on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin. An unimaginable accident on her property involving a friend’s daughter changes the scenario and the entire town turns against Alice’s family.

Julianne Moore plays the role of Theresa,a good friend and neighbour to Alice. David Strathairn as Howard Goodwin was well cast as the understanding and self-sacrificing husband. Sigourney Weaver as Alice Goodwin really shines with her Oscar competence performance. Scott Elliott is the director and the credits for writing goes to Peter Hedges, Polly Platt. And special writing credits goes to Jane Hamilton and his novel.

Alice Goodwin, a woman who is bold and doesn’t express her feelings to the external world. Transplanted from the big city, the couples Alice & Howard Goodwin struggles to expand their own diary business. Alice finds it hard to balance her new business, raising two daughters and her career as a school nurse. Theresa & Dan are the parents of the deceased girl and they support the script in an impressive way. The live of Alice Goodwin turns upside down after a disastrous accident on her property and a small girl. When the entire town is against the Goodwin’s family & Alice’s struggle to fighting hard against the charges of child abuse. The script is written with strength, trying to escape of the clichés even in courtroom scenes. The merit goes to the script and the cast. The film has plenty of heart touching messages to deliver and it is an emotional struggle of an ordinary wife and a mother of two against her life.


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