Sigourney Weaver Month #2: Copycat, Working Girl

“Copycat” is an intelligent, overlooked, well scripted, frightening thriller. The plot is about a psychologist and her interaction with students on serial killer and her personal struggle of being trapped as a victim. The story revolves around a good set of cops and their service for the human community.

The characters build nicely as the story moves along at a steady pace. Oscar winner, Sigourney Weaver plays Dr. Helen Hudson and supported convincingly by the veteran actor Dermot Mulroney, Will patton, Harry Connick Jnr and William McNamara. The film is directed by Jon Amiel ,very well supported by script writers Ann Biderman and David Madsen.

The uniqueness and key factor that makes the movie effective is the two leading female characters of the film. It is about the two strongest and best leading Hollywood ladies of all time Holly Hunter and Sigourney Weaver. Without the remarkable support given by William McNamara and Harry Connick Jr. the film would have missed its moments.

The film is filled with intrigue and suspense, and it is a solid film of the late 90’s. The film is highly influenced by “Silence of the Lambs” and has unexpected twists. A simply great genre movie and for me this is the notion that a woman was deeply wounded, emotionally hurt by an encounter that she carries for decades with her.

Working Girl:

Released in the year 1988, Working girl operate purely as a romantic feel good film with some twists and human emotions. The plot is about a young lady, Melanie Griffith, her struggle purpose a degree attending a night school and further understanding a business career that’s going to change her entire life. As always Weaver also does a masterful job as a two-faced shark business woman. She plays the negative shade as a tyrannical boss, stealing and taking advantage of Melanie’s new ideas and business strategies.

Jack trainer, Harrison Ford who plays the role of a handsome investment banker. Of course there is also a romance brewing between Melanie Griffith & Harrison Ford. As an investment banker he is charming, likable and gorgeous of his own kind.

Directed by Mike Nichols, Working Girl is a neatly-constructed story with no false threads attached to the plot. Kevin Wade is the script writer and saves the characters from appearing one dimensional and helps to explore and understand the true meaning of realism.

Even though Melanie Griffith has the lead, Sigourney Weaver outperformed as the manipulative boss and embodied career women everywhere and her negative trails is at top notch. The film has heck a lot of good moments and drags a bit during the tail end. Background score is extremely well directed and overall musical score gets an A grade. Cinematography is at its best and late 80’s always had its reputation.

I personally feel the film depicts the life and struggle undergone by modern day business professionals to survive and struggle against the global economy and the tedious competition they face. Working Girl is a romantic classy of the 80’s and it’s worth every penny and I strongly recommend it.


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