Jake Gyllenhaal Month #3: Nightcrawler, Brothers

The movie, “Nightcrawler,” is a movie that everyone should watch. Jake Gyllenhaal, the main star, is fed up with not being able to find work in his field. Torn about what to do and what not to do, he must sift between the fine lines of what is right and wrong in L.A. crime journalism, creating a new breed of reporter and taking the world by storm in an intense action and thriller. Quite a few other stars make an appearance in this film as well. Rene Russo appears, playing the role of a major television veteran trying to give all the help she can give, while attending to her own agenda. Riz Ahmed makes an appearance as well, staring as the supporting actor and is the man Louis; the main character, employs to help him record the carnage and stories they find. Dan Gilroy, did an excellent job writing and directing the movie, giving it life in 2014, creating one of the most exciting movies I have ever seen about journalism. In my opinion, “Nightcrawler,” instantly became one of my favorite movies. It brought to life and excellent story and perspective on the news and media world. There were not many downsides to the film, Jake Gyllenhaal did an excellent job playing the lead role. Jake is a unique actor in the sense that he brought a chilling side of journalism to the table, creating the true suspense we all wish to see in the movies, but are usually disappointed by. This time around, I can not complain, truly an excellent performance and story that kept me on the edge of my seat.

The popular movie, “Brothers,” is a must watch. With Jake Gyllenhaal taking the reins, he plays the lead role, Tommy Cahill, the younger brother of Marine Captain, Sam Cahill, returning from prison. Toby Maguire makes an appearance, playing Tommy’s brother, and doing an excellent job portraying a twisted return from war. Natalie Portman also makes an appearance, playing the role of Sam’s wife, a distressed wife awaiting the return of her husband, or is she less innocent then she seems? The film is directed by Jim Sheridan, who brings David Benioff’s screen play to life. The plot takes the viewer trough the hardships of war on the battlefield, as well as on the home front, on a family level. Tommy, young and reckless, has never fully grown from his childhood and must straighten himself out to watch over his brothers family. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, no word his heard from Sam, but his chopper going down and his family startr to worry. His return home is swift and a shock, but he must try to keep his anger levels low, as he suspects his brother of doing terrible things. Trying to find himself, Tommy must make very important choices as to what he says and does, if he wants to keep his new found life on track, finally growing up. In my opinion, “Brothers,” was an excellent film and I would consider it a must watch. It conveys a very different perspective on the war in Afghanistan, and keeps the viewer on edge at every peak moment. It also tells the story of a conflicted life on the home front as well, not that of the usual caliber of crying wives and comforting brothers.


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