Jake Gyllenhaal Month #2: Jarhead, Rendition


Despite the lack of war in the entire story line, Swofford’s account is still compelling since he has always been an exceptional narrator with the ability to place you inside the head of men, who act like werewolves howling for blood and are exceedingly high on testosterone. Jarhead is an illustration of what exactly happens when such people do not get blood. What exactly does a trained warrior do when he does not get a fight? What exactly happens to all the training that was designed to turn the soldier into a rather ruthless and proficient life taker?

A biographical military based drama, Jarhead is a movie that was directed by Sam Mendes and features Jake Gyllenhaal as the main character. Other noticeable characters in the movie include the award winning musician/actor Jamie Foxx who plays sergeant Sykes, Chris Cooper plays Lieutenant Kazinski and Peter Sarsgaad. The movie was produced by Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick while the distribution was conducted by Universal Pictures. The term jarhead was coined from the slang that is used to refer to the United States Marine. The plot of the movie revolves around Antony Swofford who attend a United States Marine Corps training. While in the camp, Sergeant Sykes notices Antony’s potential and orders him to attend the Scout Sniper course.

Eager for combat, many marines are bored with the constant drills and remedial trainings; a routine monotony that seems to feed their boredom. Later on, the marines are sent to the border as Operation Desert Storm begins. Finally Troy is given his snipping missions after many years of wait. Their battalion commander gives them the order to assassinate at least two high ranking Iraqi Guard officers who are at a nearby airfield. The movie was released in the year 2005 and has mostly received positive reviews. Rotten tomatoes have given the movie a rating of 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. He credited the movie for its unique portrayal of the Gulf War Marines who always battled a sense of isolation and boredom rather than fighting enemies. Entertainment Weekly gave the movie a rating of B+.


Rendition is one among the many movies that feature in the newly arrived genre of intrigue films. According to Allisa Quart and Robert Ebert, who were the first people to coin the term, happen to. All these movies as hyperlinks cinema and in some way it is a rather fitting term for this film than begins with Altman who appears to have gained popularity with the creations of Alejandro Gonzales. Additionally, what is notable about this movie, is that it is among the first few traditional Hollywood films that are in a genre for its distinctive directorial visions.

After a bomb has been launched, it kills a US citizen. Anwar El-Ibrahim is the first suspect to be arrested for being somehow connected to the bombings. Anwar’s wife, Isabella played by Reese Witherspoon tries to find out what exactly happens to her husband through an old lover/friend who is on a different side of the world. Douglas, finds himself witnessing Anwar’s torture under the hands of the C.I.A and at this point does not know what to do. Somewhere along the lines, a young couple finds itself in the middle of a terrorism camp. And according to many hyperlinks movies, these strings meet in a more conclusive way especially towards the movies end.

Rendition is an abduction thriller that as directed by Gavin Hood and produced by David Kantar, Steve Golin and Michael Sugar. It features Meryl Streep, Reese Weatherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal and Allan Arkin. The movie was released in the year, 2007 and was distributed by the New Line Cinema. All in all, the movie received a mixed reception. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a rating of 47 per cent while Metacritic gave the movie a rating of 55. Roger Ebert gave the film a rating of four stars out of a possible four stars.


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