Mark Wahlberg Month #4: Boogie Nights, Three Kings

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights is a 1997 movie featuring Eddie Adams who meets a porn movie director Jack and he (Eddie) goes fast after his ambitions. However, he has a huge ego and he is so involved in drugs, and these two create the interesting twists throughout the movie.

The star of the movie, Eddie is Mark Wahlberg, Bert Reynolds plays Jack, Heather Graham plays Rollergirl, and Julianna Moore plays Amber. The movie director was Paul Thomas Anderson.

The buzz any movie generates always measures the impact it presents to the industry, and Boogie Nights was a complete sensation. It is a one long movie, however, at 1 hour 55 minutes. But you will not mind the length a tiny bit. In fact, the movie is very captivating and was well acted. You will seldom feel as if the characters are forcing their character in any way and this is a good thing.

Mark, the protagonist develops well in the movie. You can easily understand how his character changes until who he is in the final stages of the movie. As much as this is a movie that narrates the developments in the pornography industry, the movie is not very obscene. The graphics were censored extremely well by the producers, and while watching, you don’t feel awkward.

There is a lot to learn about the rise and collapse of the pornography industry too within this movie.

Mark Wahlberg Month #4 Three Kings

The US military finds and loots a Saddam Hussein gold treasure immediately after the Gulf War and this lands star of the movie, Sergeant Troy in trouble. The result is a furious Saddam Hussein Squad vs the US military and the Iraqi rebels contest in order to free Sergeant Troy.

The stars of the movie are George Clooney who appears as Sergeant Archie Gates, Mark Wahlberg playing Sergeant Troy, Ice Cube as Elgin and Judy Geer as Cathy. The movie was directed by the one David O. Russel.

If there is a war movie that will stern you, then count Three Kings as the candidate. It is not purely based on war, in fact, it will remind you a lot about the adventure movies you know of. And there is even a map, do you get where that is going?

It is well to say that this is a movie for people who love war movies that combine reality with some bit of humor to keep the experience far from boring. For instance, you can clearly see how the non-US perceive the US.

The movie script is great, and even though there were great face-offs between Clooney and the director, the best movie came out at last. Ice cube and Mark downplayed the rumors of any differences existing between Clooney and Russel. The movie is very original and does the ‘war’ its own way.

In conclusion, Mark is a great actor, and since the first movie, he has not failed to surprise. He is one of those actors who will still make us long for 1997 and 1999 movies without feeling weird.


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