The Rock Month #4: Hercules,The Tooth Fairy

The movie follows Hercules after he has gone through the legendary twelve labors. Now the demigod is a sword for hire that must decide whether to help the King of Thrace defeat a warlord.

The movie is directed by Brett Ratner. It stars Dwayne Johnson, John Hurt, Ian McShane, Joseph Fiennes, Rufus Sewell, and Peter Mullan.

The movie is based off the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars, which puts it ahead of other movies that have taken on Hercules in terms of quality. The Rock plays Hercules, of course, and as a super strong demigod, it’s actually believable. Thanks in part to Dwayne’s bulging muscles and ability to look natural shirtless, believing The Rock is one of the strongest men in the world is not at all a problem for the average viewer.

Hercules leads a group of mercenaries that include the thief Autolycus(Rufus Sewell), prophet with a spear Amphiaraus(Ian McShane), warrior Tydeus(Aksel Hennie), nephew and storyteller Iolaus(Reece Richie), and the Amazon archer Atlanta(Ingrid Bolso Berdal). Hercules was driven crazy by Hera after the Twelve Labors, which led him to kill his wife and children while visiting the King Eurystheus(played by Joseph Fiennes). This haunts him, and even his demigod status is questioned by many.

The action is this movie definitely delivers, and viewers will be pretty aware that this is a straight up adventure movie with humorous moments. Hercules gets approached by Ergenia(Rebecca Ferugson) to help her father Lord Cotys(John Hurt) to help train the Thracian army after rescuing his nephew. They are up against the warlord Rheseus(played by Tobias Santelmann). When Hercules is offered massive amounts of gold, how can he refuse? But whether Hercules is on the right side or not is up to him to find out. Overall this is a fun movie if you enjoy action (and seeing The Rock in sandals).

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy follows a star hockey player (Dwayne Johnson) who routinely crushes the dreams of children. His penalty is to be the Tooth Fairy for two weeks.

The Tooth Fairy is directed by Michael Lembeck. It stars Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, Stephen Merchant, Billy Crystal, and Seth MacFarlane.

Critics were rough on this family friendly romp, and maybe with good reason. It’s a simple idea, but movies directed at children while trying to appeal to adults can be very hit or miss. While critics had mixed reviews, the film did well at the box office and was technically a financial success. The Rock plays Derek Thompson, a pro hockey player who is so aggressive with opposing players that he’s named ‘the Tooth Fairy’ — because he knocks out all their teeth. When he steals a dollar from under the pillow of his girlfriend’s daughter and tells her that there is no tooth fairy, Derek is magically summoned to the world of the tooth fairies for crushing the dreams of children, where he is told he will be obligated to be a tooth fairy as punishment.

There he meets his case worker Jerry (Stephen Merchant), and the head of the tooth fairies, Lily(played by Julie Andrews). He meets Jerry (Billy Crystal), who shows him the ropes of his tooth fairy kit, with Amnesia Dust and Invisible Spray. The movie is actually pretty fun and if you can suspend your disbelief, amusing and even charming. The Rock ends up developing a heart, helping his girlfriend’s kids be happier, and learn the importance of following your dreams. Overall, it’s a cute movie. Kids will find it fun, while adults will appreciate the various cameos from established actors. Critics may not have liked this, but the message is positive, and the movie is enjoyable with fun comedic moments.


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