The Rock Month #2: The Rundown, Walking Tall

The Rundown.

Released way back in 2003, The Rundown(Welcome To The Jungle) is an action comedy movie that tells the tale of a bounty hunter who is assigned the job of bringing back his employer’s son from the Amazon jungle. Dwayne Johnson popularly known as The Rock plays the lead role as the bounty hunter as the character of the lost son, Travis, is played by Sean William Scott. Christopher Walken, popular for his weird yet loveable style of acting plays the role of the evil Hatcher, who is a local town oppressor. Peter Berg directs the movie. The movie is PG-13 rated due to its violent nature and the sexual reference.Though it didn’t do well in the Box Office, The Rundown is a fun movie for anyone to watch. The action in this film never stops, and this keeps the viewer interested not forgetting a little bit of humor which is good for anyone who isn’t into the serious gloom faced characters type of movie. Back then at this time, not many expected the Buffy wrestling entertainment superstar Dwayne Johnson, could be able to make it in the acting industry and this might be one of the reasons it failed even though a lot of funds were pumped into its production.We can’t forget the role played by Rosario Dawson. What’s a good movie without some little eye candy and sexiness? Sean William Scott is always up for a good laugh. Back from his golden days playing the jerky Stifler in the American Pie, he fits well as the comic relief.

Walking Tall.

Based on a true story and a reproduction of the original film that was released in 1973, Walking Tall is an action packed movie that sees the return of Dwayne Johnson in the movie industry. The plot of the movie is about a former United States soldier, Chris Vaughn, played by Dwayne, who is forced to take it upon himself to salvage his hometown after finding it in a lawless state and Johny Knoxville acts as his sidekick.Neal McDonough takes up the role of the villain, Jay Hamilton and is involved in the drug manufacturing business, the Movie is directed by Kevin Bray. It is PG-13 rated.Dwayne was at this time being considered the next generation action hero, taking on the position from established action stars such as Arnold, by watching this movie, it is not hard to see the reason. His charisma, as well as his sense of humor, warms up the hearts of viewers, and we can see the other side of this muscle endowed being. He outdoes himself this time consideration his past impressions of a guy who many wouldn’t take seriously. Johny Knoxville, who plays Ray Templeton, is a great comic relief and proves to be a superb comic actor.Walking Tall has great scenes and is fun to watch though it lacks the exciting suspense or twist of events. It is very predictable just like any other good beats evil film. We expected better from the team involved.


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