The Rock Month #1: San Andreas, Furious Seven

San Andreas

San Andreas is a 2015 action, disaster movie that focuses on the tale of a search and rescue pilot who sets out on a mission with his wife to rescue their daughter after a major earthquake hits California. The lead cast features Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, who plays the part of the pilot, Ray Gaines, and Carla Gugino acts as his estranged wife, Emma Gaines. Alexandra Daddario acts the daughter of Ray and Emma gains, Blake Gaines; Brad Peyton directs the movie. It is a PG-13 rated movie.

This is surely one of the best disaster movies ever released. You get to experience the continuous action, and the thrill is like no other. The 3D effect is quite amazing. Ever wondered what would happen if you are ever caught up in a massive earthquake? Well, this is the movie for you. The effects both visual and audio are just breathe taking. The CGI-generated disaster scenes are top notch making it quite literally believable. Also to all this, The Rock as always never fails to deliver. His acting prowess is just undeniable. Even though in reality very few are courageous enough to undertake some of the maneuvers in this movie, The Rock’s character has been awarded god-mode status showing no signs of fear.However, what is quite disappointing in this movie is the fact that it is very predictable. The same old cliche of disaster movies, San Andreas, is no exception even though the aspect of suspense has been put in place. There are people everywhere warning of disaster. Honestly, we’ve seen that happen a million times prior to all disasters. In San Andreas, there are scientists warning of disaster and no one cares to listen. Anyway, it is a fun movie and also a must watch for everyone.

Furious Seven

One of the most popular action and racing films made its 7th return to the screens in 2015. It follows the storyline of lead characters Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O’conner (Paul Walker) and Luke Hobs (Dwayne Johnson/The Rock) who in this seventh installment are up against Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) who seeks revenge against Dominic for his comatose brother. Other supporting actors include celebrities like Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges (Ludacris) among others; the movie is directed by James Wan.Anyone seeking an action packed and mindblowing movie, the Furious 7 got all your needs covered. What makes it even more interesting is the addition of several other major action heroes such as Jason Statham. All movie lovers have had the chance of watching at least one or two of his movies and loved them. In this film, we get to view him from another perspective as he is the villain up against our favorite hero, The muscle-bound Rock.Every new installment of The Furious franchise always brings up new adventures and excitement that is obviously better than the previous and Furious 7 has indeed delivered. The only aspect of it that many may not agree with is some of the exaggerated effects. When watching the movie at times, you may even confuse it for a science fiction superhero comic because some of the stunts displayed are clearly out of this world. But hey, this is a movie, and we all love the action.


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