George Clooney Month #4: Leatherheads, From Dusk Till Dawn


Leatherheads is film that is loosely based on a real life story. It was released in 2008. While the crew all tried their very best, the movie was never a box office hit as many people thought it would be. Its performance was not dismal either – it was average. Major movie critics reviewed and awarded Leatherheads a 5 star out of 10. Its focus was mainly the early years of American football. It highlights the struggles and aspirations of one player who was so determined to see his team in the league.

The lead male role character, Dodge Connolly was played by George Clooney. He is a football hero and though he is charming, he also comes across as being brash. When his team loses its sponsor and the league almost collapse, Dodge must use his creativity to get all this back on track. His passion for the game is so strong and he hopes that the nation will see this game in the same light as he. So he finds a hero who is a famous patriot with a powerful story in his past. But could this story be fabricated?

Lexie, a newswoman with a fiery personality is determined to find out the truth about this hero. She gets close to the hero, Carter, in order to determine if her suspicions are true. Her entrance into the scene causes such great havoc that results in serious rivalry. In the end, will the truth triumph? Will there be a happy ending?

This sports comedy was directed by George looney who also plays the lead male role. His character was deemed quite entertaining and he played him brilliantly. Carter, the American patriot and hero is played by John Krasinski and the spitfire newswoman is none other than Renée Zellweger.

From Dusk till Dawn

From Dusk till Dawn is a 1996 crime thriller that enjoyed moderate success at the box office. It was well received generally and even received some favorable reviews upon its release. It is the story about two brothers who are big time criminals and partners in crime, figuratively and literally.

The Gecko brothers, Seth and Richie rob a bank and as they escape the scene of the crime, they pass by a liquor store to collect a map. This was a bad idea because it results in further complications including Richie getting shot in the arm. They are fleeing the Feds and the cops headed to Mexico where they have been promised a safe house. After a stop at a motel, a rape and murder of a hostage and their kidnapping of a pastor and his young family – the group finally manages to cross the border.

They find an isolated strip club – the Titty Twister and decide to wait for their contact here. It is here that the unexpected happens. They are attacked by a vicious clan of non-humans who want nothing more than a taste of their blood. A horrific pandemonium ensues leaving behind a trail of fatalities. Brothers go against each other to survive – the result is a pretty chaotic scene.

From Dusk till Dawn was directed by Robert Rodriguez. The lead male roles were played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, who was also the film writer. Other cast members were Salma Hayek, Ernest Liu, Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis. The film is quite graphic and features several scenes of violence. Overall, the crew pulled off a great job.


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