Tom Cruise Month #4: Vanilla Sky, Jack Reacher

David Aames acting like Tom Cruise is in a prison cell after being charged with murder, and he narrates his life story to Dr. Curtis, a court psychologist. We have a flashback of David’s life starting with him being seen as a wealthy man after inheriting a large publishing firm from New York. David leads a bachelor’s life until his friend Brian introduces Sofia to him. When David’s former lover commonly known as Julie hears of this, she dies in a car crash as she attempted to kill herself together with David. David escapes the accident with a disfigured face that forces him to be wearing a prosthetic mask, and there’s no hope for a plastic surgery. David continues to see Sofia until one time when he goes to visit her, and he mentally thinks he sees Julie. He suffocates her, and he is arrested and put in a mental institution. Tom is seen to be in a search for his soul and ready to do everything possible to be on his own. The movie is directed by Cameron Crowe and other characters in the film include Cameron Diaz, Kurt Russell, Noah Taylor, Penelope Cruz and Jason Lee.

Though we all know it’s a movie, if life extension services are made practically available, I guess we won’t be having people crying after the death of their loved ones. They would be looking forward to having them back in this world. It’s a thriller that portrays a picture of many people who are in their lucid dreams like David. Imagine being in cryonic sleep for 150 years. It’s a movie that triggers one’s mind and forces one to try to figure out his life and its purpose. Life is made up by choices, and if you have to succeed, you have to make a decision and the moment you open your eyes, you start living your vision.

The plot begins with a man driving a van into a parking garage with a sniper rifle that he uses to kill five people and then flees from the scene. Police arrive headed by Detective Emerson, and they take fingerprints that later points to James Barr, who was a former Army sniper. With all evidence pointing towards Barr, the investigators offer Barr a choice life in prison and guaranteed death row in case he makes a full confession. Barr surprises them when he notes that they should go and get Jack Reacher. The said Reacher arrives after learning of Barr and the shooting. Jack Reacher is out to bring Barr down and is not ready to prove that Barr is innocent in any way. The movie directed by Christopher McQuarrie and has the following starring Rosamund, Robert Duvall, Jai Courtney, Richard Jenkins, Joseph Sikora, Jai Courtney and David Oyelowo.

It’s a movie full of betrayal, violence and selfishness. Though Reacher has offered to carry some investigations, these are intended to be for his advantage. The film portrays how some sometimes justice is denied and delayed in the courts and how poor investigations can lead to poor judgment. Sometimes pressure always makes us go in a wrong direction in life. Trusting others to remove your name is never the best way and makes us make an inadequate choice. It’s a movie that enables a person to learn that knowing your friends is excellent.


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