Tom Cruise Month #1: Top Gun, Jerry Maguire

Top Gun
Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is sent to the Mirmar Naval training station for advanced flight training, where he aims to earn the coveted top gun award for the best pilot. Mitchell competes with Tom Kasansky for the title and is known to be a risk taker. When he is not flying, Mitchell has a love affair with Charlotte Blackwood, who is a consultant at the station. The unexpected death of a friend makes Mitchell lose his focus and the top gun title to Kasansky. The only chance to redeem himself is when the team face an international crisis involving enemy fighter jets. Pete Mitchell is starred by Tom Cruise, Tom Kasansky by Val Kilmer, Charlotte Blackwood by Kelly McGillis and Nick Bradshaw by Anthony Edwards. The movie has some spectacular action sequences in the air which will leave you breathless. What it lacks on the ground the movie has made up for in the air. The acting was ok considering that it was a movie made in the 80s, but as the years rolled by you get that sinking feeling that it was a bit cheesy and childish. Tom Cruise carries the film with his 100-watt smile and makes the ladies weak on their knees. His confidence and charisma make you want to become a fighter plane pilot and serve your country. The movie is a classic and is well worth a watch even if you are not impressed by cheesy acting.You could really see that 23 year Tom Cruise was destined for greatness.

Jerry Maguire
Jerry Maguire is a handsome and charming sports agent who believes that good spirit towards his clients will do him much good. However, his employer does not agree with his opinion which results in Jerry losing his job. Maguire tries to build his life from scratch with only one client, Rod Tidwell and Dorothy Boyd another agent at the SMI. Matters seem to get out of hand as Maguire tries to prove his intentions are best and falls in love with Dorothy Boyd. The movie is starred by Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire, Dorothy Boyd as Renee Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr as Rod Tidwell. Only Tom Cruise could have made the character of Jerry Maguire truly come to life. You have seen Tom Cruise save the world many a time, but this movie shows his rarely seen human side. He did an absolutely splendid job in the movie which was determinant in the success of the film. The director has shown a great eye for character detail and makes sure that his cast right from the main actor to the supporting cast are brought to life and have a meaningful purpose in the film. The movie has a bit of everything in it from romance, comedy and even some action. It syncs well with the mentality of people and thus lots people love watching it. Jerry Maguire will certainly help you see a new avatar of Tom Cruise like never seen before. The movie appeals to the entire family and a lot of lessons can be learned from it.


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