Tom Hanks Month #3: A League Of Their Own, Sleepless In Seattle


Having been released in 1992, Dottie Hinson attends the new AAGPBL (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League) opening and sees most of her former friends and teammates leading to a 1943 flashback. Candy Magnate and Cubs owner called Walter can convince his fellow owners to finance the women’s league when World War II almost forces Major League Baseball to be shut. Ernie Capadino goes to recruit players as Ira Lowenstein gets put in charge. Ernie finds Dottie in rural Oregon and offers her a place though she is reluctant as she wishes to stay on the family farm as Bob, her husband fights in the war. However, Kit Keller who is Dottie’s younger sister is ready to join the team. The movie is directed by Penny Marshall and starring Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Lori Petty and Madonna.

The almost two and half-hour movie is a great movie that you will love to watch with your whole family. With the inclusion of the World War II in its plot, it is a great way of reminding you of history as you get entertained. The inclusion of somehow a kind of all-ladies team gives one an excellent picture of what ladies are good at when they purpose to do something. Sibling rivalry gets well brought up as we witness Dottie and Kit’s siblings fighting each other, and the result is Kit being traded to another team. Imagine a sister allowing her sister to be traded away instead of defending her. The movie also in a way stamps the saying that old friends are gold when Dottie bumps into her old friends and they form The Peaches. The film taking place against the backdrop of war where men were on the battlefield gave women the chance to do what men used to do – play the baseball game. With men away, this game could have been dormant, and hence women came in handy. The reunion of the team players after forty years of being away from each other is an excellent job, and Penny Marshall has mastered this very well. The movie is worth the watch as it’s full of entertainment and fun.


Sam Baldwin, who is an architect in Chicago, loses his wife Maggie to cancer. He moves with his son Jonah to Seattle and Jonah would love to see his father remarry so as to overcome the grieve a year and half later. Jonah makes a call to a radio talk show and one woman Annie Reeds takes an interest in the story and we have Jonah doing everything possible within his powers and wits bring Ann and his dad Sam together. Jonah in a dramatic way brings the two together after Annie ends her relationship with Walter. The movie directed by Nora Ephron has starring of Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Bill Pullman, Rita Wilson, Victor Garber, Carey Lowell, Ross Malinger and Rob Reiner among others.

Being released on 25th June 1993, the movie remains a real comedy drama full of romance and that you can’t feel bored watching it over and over again. The film portrays the forces behind every love that one feels for someone special as we witness Annie traveling all the way from Washington to Chicago to at least find Sam.

We can’t also rule out the love of children for their parents as Jonah does all that he can to keep his father happy. As a child, he notices that his father still grieves the loss of his mother and his wife and Jonah wishes he can make his father happy. The picture of child’s intelligence is brought into the play when Jonah plans and works in a way to bring Annie and Sam together. Jonah dislikes Sam’s co-worker who he sees for now, and this intensifies Jonah’s search for Annie. Norah Ephron did a great job in bring out this love story, and I bet you will love the movie especially if you love the romantic story line in a movie.


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