Brad Pitt Month #4: Spy Game, Se7en

Spy Game

Spy Game beautifully merges the world of spying and espionage with the emotional journey of a mentor and his protege. Brad Pitt plays Tom Bishop a CIA operative once under the tutelage of veteran operative Nathan Muir played by Robert Redford. Set within one 24 hour period we watch as Agent Muir, about to retire, discovers that Bishop has been captured in Beijing, accused of espionage. A series of flashbacks take us back in time to further reveal the intricacies of this paring. While years and events have created a rift between these two men Muir sets that aside to take up one last mission to bring Bishop back alive. Director Tony Scott delivers the sleek action packed scenes we have come to expect from him in films like Tom Gun, Enemy of the State and Crimson Tide. Although it was a pleasant surprise to see many of the CIA flashbacks reminiscent of something that Redford might have directed himself. While, at least for me, there wasn’t a surprise at the end, there were plenty of pleasant twists along the way. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the dichotomy of the two different spies unfold. Redford was our traditional, suit and tie, walked right out of a novel spy; Pitt’s character was eager to embrace all that technology and the geopolitical climate had to offer. If you enjoy a well acted, and fairly well crafted spy thriller than Spy Games may be right up your alley!


Gluttony, lust, sloth, can you name the other seven deadly sins? Well you will certainly be able to after this twisted thriller. We watch as Brad Pitt, young overly confident detective Mills, and his somewhat jaded, near retirement partner Detective Somerset (played by none other than Morgan Freeman) are assigned to a case; John Doe a serial killer. John Doe played by the ever talented Kevin Spacey, is an evil sociopath who believes himself to be the hand of God sent to remind the world of the danger in the seven deadly sins: one gruesome murder at at a time. While we have seen little more than music videos from Director David Fincher before this movie, he proves himself to be up to the task. This movie draws you in from the first scene and doesn’t let you go until the credits roll. I have to admit I found myself watching a few scenes by peering between my fingers, but that is only a tribute to both the acting and directing. The twists and turns that this movie adventure leads you on keep your heart in your throat, and I found myself shocked more than once (and I am not easily shocked)! The dynamic relationship between Mills and Somerset is fun and frustrating all at once, which again is exactly what it is supposed to be. I enjoy both of these actors immensely and they do not disappoint in this film. If you enjoy a good thriller I high recommend Se7en, although it is not for the feint of heart!


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