Will Smith Month #3: Bad Boys, Men in Black

Bad Boys (1995)

After $100 million of heroin is stolen from police lockup, two detectives try to recover the stolen stuff in five days before the whole department is shut down. First they try implanting informants but after failing with devastating results, they opt for other methods.

Apart from Will Smith, Martin Lawrence is co-starring and they are accompanied by Tchéky Karyo, who currently stars in the TV series, The Missing, and Téa Leoni, currently starring in the TV series, Madam Secretary which has made her receive numerous nominations in supportive roles. The film is directed by Michael Bay who is known for directing big budget action films such as Transformers.

This is an action film but the violence and explosions seem humorous, especially because of the actors’ facial expressions. This film was a very good fit for the main characters because they pulled it off perfectly, both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are funny people in real life and they have fused that humor with the character of the movie. I believe this was the beginning of bromance. The two main actors’ relationship displayed that men could also have a close relationship while still being straight. Back then this was viewed as queer and I appreciate any director who has the courage to add something new to the world. The plot of the movie does not seem very tied together, with the scenes jumping from one part to the other without total flow, it is as though there was a lot to do and not enough time.

Men in Black (1997)

The movie follows the recruitment of Will Smith into the Men in Black organization that monitors alien activity on the planet. Immediately, they try to locate a powerful object that could potentially destroy the earth because of its immense energy.

Co-starring in this film is Tommy Lee Jones as the tutor and partner to Will Smith, Linda Fiorentino as the medical examiner and Vincent D’Onofrio as a giant alien insect and the main antagonist in the movie. The movie was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who went on directing the sequels to the movie.

After Independence Day, it seemed Will Smith had found a place in the Sci-Fi section of movies, and this movie was perfect. I love how the director develops a relationship between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, it wasn’t rushed but seemed like a growing relationship. The graphics were not very good, though, but I realize I’m judging with a 2015 mentality and 20 years ago this was excellent. The humor is also delivered well and blended into conversation, including the use of the pun Orion’s belt, so big-up to the writers, that was a good twist. Generally, the movie tied together different aspects of drama and action to create an all-time classic.


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