Will Smith Month #2: Hancock, Seven Pounds


“HANCOCK” is a movie, distributed by Columbia Pictures in 2008; the genres of the movie are action and fantasy with different elements of comedy; it also falls in the summer blockbuster category.

Will Smith is John Hancock in “Hancock.” The actor is skillfully playing a troubled personality, having a drinking problem, but, being the superhero controlling his superhuman power, he executes a number of courageous deeds in Los Angeles, and they have real consequences. The PR Ray Embrey starts reshaping Hancock’s “bad” reputation. Embrey’s wife holds a secret of Hancock’s past.

The director of the movie is Peter Berg. The cast consists of Jason Bateman as Ray Embrey, Charlize Theron plays Embrey’s wife, Mary, Embreys’ son, 7-year-old Aaron, is played by Jae Head, Eddie Marsan performs the character of Kenneth ‘Red’ Parker Jr., a bank robber, etc.

“Hancock” as an artistic endeavor doesn’t send the proper message to the audience. It falls flat indeed, although the start is promising. The sci-fi action is intriguing.

Will Smith is performing in an emotional manner, that touches people’s hearts. It is also due to Theron’s play that Smith’s character holds strong the transmission of emotion to the audience. Out of that, the story is lacking a challenging, interesting plot, unless we consider some acts of the main character as a march to redemption. It is, however, due to the subject of the movie, that it turns to be a trivial piece of emotion, the special effects sometimes blurring the dramatic scenes.

An interesting title of the movie translates from English in the Philippines as “Hidden from Earth,” which somehow alludes to Smith’s character surrealistic qualities.

Seven Pounds

“SEVEN POUNDS” is produced by Columbia Pictures in 2008, and distributed by Sony Pictures; fantasy drama and romance genres.

Will Smith is Ben Thomas, who is unintentionally causing seven people to die in a car crash. Torn with remorses, he intends to donate his organs to seven people with positive characteristics. He steals his brother’s badge as an agent at the Internal Revenue Service. Ben falls in love with his seventh contact for donation.

The director of the movie is Gabriele Muccino. Also starring are Michael Ealy as Ben’s brother, Rosario Dawson as Emily, a greeting card printer, with whom Ben falls in love, Woody Harrelson as Ezra (Turner), a blind man playing the piano, Barry Pepper as Dan (Morris), who is asked by Ben to execute his will, etc.

The retroactive start of the movie intrigues with the call to 911 to report a suicide of the main protagonist. Then, the whole story develops to shed light on its main elements and characters, engulfed by mystery. It is a constant challenge of the movie to follow Smith’s Thomas and his actions, penetrated by guilt. In that respect, the movie is emotionally charged. The concept of self-exploration is a philosophical line in the movie. And Smith brings it into focus. Rosario Dawson creates in her heroine, Emily, a lady of artistic skills and deep empathy, platonic feelings for Ben. Woody Harrelson’s character makes us feel annoyed when provoked by Ben in a test of his moral values.


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